In a word… FREEDOM!

Freedom to change plans, recycle your existing handsets and save money at the same time.

AGILIS mobile’s SIM only service provides you with complete transparency on the costs of your mobile contract.

AGILIS mobile is designed for business and includes many additional features as standard. All AGILIS mobile plans have unlimited texts and minutes. All you need to do is simply choose one of our data packages, ranging from 4GB to 40GB to suit your needs.

Start your own mobile freedom and flexibility revolution with an AGILIS SIM only plan and see how AGILIS can really make a difference to your business.

AGILIS Anywhere is mobile without boundaries.

We know that being contactable when you are mobile is key to doing business well and with AGILIS Anywhere this can be achieved with a single AGILIS SIM only contract.

AGILIS Anywhere utilises innovative signal switching technology which means that wherever you roam so do we*. If the Home network is unavailable AGILIS Anywhere will scan for the next strongest mobile signal and connect you, so you can continue with your business. No additional or hidden costs, one simple, single monthly fee.

It’s like having every network in your pocket!

Yes. With AGILIS mobile, there’s no need to update your business cards. It’s easy to port your existing number onto our network. Your existing network will be able to supply you with a PAC (Port Authorisation Code) code which allows you to retain your mobile telephone number when switching networks. Your PAC code will be a unique number that is associated with your mobile telephone number. You will need to request this from your previous provider.

If you would prefer a new number, we can easily arrange that for you.

You will be able to use your AGILIS SIM card in your device immediately, providing your it is not locked to the previous network. If it is, it’s not a problem, you will just need to ask your old provider for a NUC (Network Unlock Code) which will start the process of unlocking your device for your AGILIS SIM use.

At AGILIS, we believe in a new way of doing things. We feel that your SIM only plans should be cost effective, business friendly and simple. Therefore, when you take out a new SIM only plan with us, you will not receive a handset.

We can help you with handsets we just take a difference approach! Most businesses rent office space or lease cars, which makes sound business sense; so why not apply the same principle to funding your mobile and other technology?

As much as 100% of the lease payments you make as a business, can be deducted from your taxable profits which reduces the net cost of leasing for you**

Contact us to discuss this new and cost-effective way of improving your mobile devices. We can offer assistance to companies large and small, with all business circumstances understood.

In line with all mobile service suppliers we will endeavour to assist you in overcoming most issues with your device.

You can use your plan allowance within the EU without incurring any additional fees. Outside of the EU, charges will apply. For those who travel outside of the EU regularly, we can help you control your expenditure when roaming overseas. We have a range of Business Traveller bolt-ons to suit your schedule, reducing the risk of bill shock and unexpected data charges.

All AGILIS Plans must be paid monthly, in advance by Direct Debit.

Please note that any extra charges incurred will be billed in arrears, at the next billing date.

Our AGILIS SIM comes as a complete multi-sim. This means that with an easy adaption, it will fit all formats (Micro, Nano and Standard). Just simply pop out the size you need.

We know how important it is to stay connected which is why we won’t cut you off when you reach your threshold, instead we’ll send an alert letting you know you’re almost at your limit. These alerts can be tailored so that you stay fully informed of your mobile data usage.

Just give us a call or complete our online sales enquiry form and someone will contact you.

Should you need to contact us, we are always happy to speak with you. We pride ourselves on our excellent service and fast response times.

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* Where UK based mobile signal exists T’s&C’s apply.
** All references to taxation, VAT and accounting principles are subject to confirmation from your professional advisers.

Our Plans

To keep things simple, we offer three different types of plans, AGILIS, AGILIS 30 and AGILIS Anywhere, and as no two businesses are the same we can tailor any one of these packages to thoroughly suit the individual needs of your company.

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