Client portal

Through your AGILIS Mobile client portal, you can easily manage various aspects of your company’s mobile users and usage. Manage my Mobiles, assists your company’s mobile administrator to easily manage all aspects of your company’s mobile services independently,  of course we’re here to help this just gives you the freedom to do it yourself. The Manage my Mobiles portal gives you the ability to make changes to your business users devices and service whenever you need to, providing instant access and control of your company’s mobile fleet.  You can

  • Manage your mobile numbers, create groups and assign numbers to people in your organisation
  • Set up usage alerts to keep control on your voice, messages, data and roaming usage. Create and manage administrators.
  • Set up forwarding for your mobile numbers to divert calls when you can’t answer so you never miss a call.

Remote Assistance

As part of your service with AGILIS Mobile,  we offer remote assistance when you are experiencing difficulty with your mobile devices or network connectivity. During business hours you have access to our customer services team of skilled IT professionals who will offer guidance and advice to help resolve any problems you are encountering. If you are unable to resolve the faults via the phone, our team of experts, with your permission can remotely access your device to assist; ensuring you have the help you need when your technology refuses to cooperate.