Microtia UK is the first ever UK charity to support those affected by microtia. Microtia is a malformation or misshape of the external part of the ear, affecting around 1 in 6,000 babies. In some cases, a smaller or incomplete ear canal and/or hearing apparatus may be present or missing altogether, which is known as atresia. Microtia and atresia are often accompanied, as a baby’s outer ear and ear canal develop together during pregnancy.

AGILIS Mobile supported the charity via fundraising and sponsorship throughout 2018, where they raised £1,000. The company will continue to support throughout the next year. Microtia UK is a charity close to AGILIS Mobile’s heart, as one of its Directors’ friend’s son was born with the condition.

Tina George, Customer Service Director of AGILIS Mobile, says “We are proud to be supporting Microtia UK for a second year in a row. As a small charity, it relies on fundraising activities and donations to fund the brilliant work that they do, such as raising awareness and supporting medical and psychological research. With AGILIS Mobile being an organisation so immersed in technology and keeping people connected, Microtia UK is a great match for us and we admire the founders’ continued dedication.”

Non-Executive Director of Fundraising and Communications at Microtia UK, Tina Rycroft, adds “AGILIS Mobile’s continued support has been a huge help to the charity and its community. Their generous donation has helped the charity to create adults’ fundraising vests and children’s Microtia UK t-shirts, enabling children to feel included in fundraising and events with their families. AGILIS Mobile’s sponsorship has meant that these items are provided to fundraisers free of charge and their donation enables us to use funds raised for research into the field of Microtia and community developments. We are so thankful to AGILIS Mobile for being able to provide this support to Microtia UK.”

AGILIS Mobile Microtia UK