We are delighted to announce that we have launched a 100GB data bundle, available across all AGILIS Mobile SIM cards and plans. The introduction of this offering has various benefits for businesses and employees who spend a majority of their time working remotely. Here are just a few…

No more bill shock

A gripe for many business mobile customers in the UK is that their mobile phone bills do not reflect the monthly fee of their contract, as they have been charged extra for more data use. They are left wondering how and why they could have gone over their data allowance. Whilst all of our SIM card plans are designed to combat bill shock for our customers, with an immense 100GB of data we are eliminating the possibility even further!


The beauty of having 100GB data available means that customers can use it more diversely to meet their needs. It is common for many mobile networks to limit tethering to other devices to a fraction of customers’ actual phone handset data allowances, but to us at AGILIS Mobile – data is data! Customers have the versatility to tether their phone’s internet connection to tablets, laptops and other mobile devices on the move, so that when Wi-Fi is not available business productivity and communication can continue.

As with our other plans, our customers have the versatility to data pool between employees’ data bundles, for £3 per SIM. With 100GB data bundles, you’ll be spoilt for choice when sharing out the allowance.

Stay connected

The last thing you need is to be in the middle of a conference call, business transaction, or uploading a report, when you run out of data. Sometimes the prospect of this occurrence can even distract you from your task at hand, which is not ideal throughout the workday. 100GB will keep you connected with colleagues and your customers for longer, whilst allowing you to work on complex projects and complete data-heavy functions coherently.

Take a look at our SIM plans here: www.agilismobile.co.uk/plans

Contact us for more information on our 100GB offering: www.agilismobile.co.uk/contact-us