In the past it was not uncommon for remote workers to need multiple devices to make their working lives easier when on the move. Smartphones have revolutionised the ways in which technology can be used, and those working on the move can now complete tasks or access data with the touch of a button. Here we look at why a business smartphone can be a modern-day remote worker’s best friend…

Integrated features

Gone are the days of lugging around a camera, sat nav and laptop, when smartphones can fulfil most of the capabilities of these devices. From navigating to business meetings, to managing projects and sending emails and work photography back to the office, it can all be done from one device. This is not only better for productivity, but for cost efficiency too.

Communication and management

Remote workers can connect with colleagues and clients wherever they are through their smartphone. Whilst most mobile networks let customers monitor their data usage, it doesn’t always mean that they can manage allowances and make changes. AGILIS Mobile has a bespoke online client portal, so customers can manage their company’s business mobiles with ease and make changes to contracts to suit their needs.

Business voicemail

At AGILIS Mobile we offer a business class voicemail option for our SIM cards, with the ability to set up flexible in-bound call customisations. This allows users to manage calls efficiently with greeting options and notifications depending on who calls. This is ideal for business users who need to categorise calls from the likes of new leads, existing customers and fellow employees when on the move.

Wi-Fi freedom

Running low on data or abroad? Not a problem. If mobile users are in a Wi-Fi zone or hotspot, they can use apps such as Whatsapp to make calls without using their mobile plan. This is also great when you require improved indoor coverage where mobile signal is limited. Exclusive for business mobiles, AGILIS Mobile’s app MyWifiCaller provides voice connectivity when connected to Wi-Fi and is integrated into the core of the mobile network – without the need for additional numbers or separate billing.