Paul Andrews, the Kent-based businessman and entrepreneur, was frustrated that he could never get a mobile phone signal at ‘his old mum’s’ place in Headcorn. It wasn’t until discussing this with our Customer Service Manager, Tina George, on the Business Bunker Radio Show, that he realised a solution was in fact on his doorstep.

The Experience with AGILIS Mobile

Tina was so confident that AGILIS Mobile could overcome my mobile signal problem, that she challenged me to take an AGILIS Mobile SIM card, put it into an unlocked phone and see for myself just how good the AGILIS Mobile service was.

I took up the AGILIS ANYWHERE™ plan, and I haven’t looked back since. I can honestly say that AGILIS Mobile’s service has delivered beyond my expectations. Not only have I experienced full five bars of signal when at ‘my old mum’s’ in Headcorn but I now also have full signal when making my daily commute between Tenterden and Maidstone. Now if I am on a call and approaching any one of the five villages that I travel through; I no longer have to pre-warn callers that the call will drop – which was pretty much guaranteed to be the case when approaching Sutton Valence with my previous SIM card.

As a bonus, I was astounded to still have a signal when I was on the train to London and passed through the Sydenham Hill tunnel. This line was notorious for dropping signal. I really like the business class voicemail option offered by the service too. It enables me to “answer” calls from different client groups in the most appropriate way.

It is great when a local business delivers on its promise which is just what AGILIS Mobile did. I’m a huge fan of building customer relationships and AGILIS does this to perfection. The team makes a conscious effort to know its customers and so it is easy to call them and talk to someone who understands me and my businesses. The fact that AGILIS Mobile provides a personalised customer service makes a big difference and benefits business users significantly.”

Describe AGILIS Mobile in 3 words:

Connected, Caring, Commendable.”