For some professionals, working out of the office comes with perks such as flexibility and independence. Yet, working remotely with your business mobile phone in tow can make the boundaries between work and downtime difficult at times. Answering your phone or checking your emails can become a habit, and it is important that field-based employees take time to wind down from the working day, whatever your hours may be. Here are our recommendations for chilling out and having some ‘you’ time…

Turn your phone off out of hours

Turning your business mobile off out of hours may seem the most obvious thing to do, but so many professionals keep their business mobiles on in the evening or out of business hours. Some professionals feel guilty to switch their phones off or simply forget it is switched on until it rings! Ease the pressure on yourself and respond to queries during your working hours.

At AGILIS Mobile our customers have an alternative solution to switching off from work, with our business class voicemail feature. Our voicemail offering allows customers to pre-programme their business mobiles to respond differently to separate in-bound call lists. With the ability to distinguish between friends, family and business contacts, customers can set on and off hours for incoming calls – perfect for splitting worktime from chill-time!

Chill out with friends and family

Winding down with friends and family can really help you forget about work worries and remind you that work-life balance is so important. Take a trip to the cinema, go for dinner and do other activities where using your mobile phone is frowned upon – that way you can’t use your phone even if you’re tempted!

Head to the gym

Running, taking part in an exercise class or relaxing with a yoga session are all great ways to wind down from work and focus on yourself. If you’ve been travelling on the road all day or you’ve been in and out of meetings, some active time will do you good – mentally and physically.

Relax at home

Home comforts are ideal for mindfulness. Having a warm bath, unwinding in front of the TV and getting an early night are all great steps to take when you’re feeling burnt out. Your body and mind will thank you for giving yourself a restful night and will give you a better outlook when you return to work.