Ensuring your workforce is clued up on workplace efficiency strategies is one way to increase your company’s productivity, an essential factor to success. The o-a-sys productivity seminar was an excellent event that did just this. Aimed at supplying employee’s with the tools they need to be their most productive selves, Bruce Kidd, the founder of O-a-sys organised presentations from Aluxi Consulting, Exact Software, Renowned Recruitment LTD and from us at AGILIS Mobile.

With topics ranging from improving performance through training, changing behaviours in the workplace and the significance of good connectivity, the event was not only thoroughly enjoyable but also highly informative.

At AGILIS Mobile we honed in on the importance of connectivity when it comes to ensuring your business is productive, after all if you’re not connected how can you hear from your customers? A good mobile network and strong internet connection are a fundamental part of business, without it our devices are a useful as, Nick Hill our co founder explained, “A modern day paperweight.” Lost calls and missed messages are some of the biggest barriers to workplace productivity, with potential customer opportunities being missed. By investing in a network that offers business grade signal and data connectivity, business’s ensure they have the best chance at securing prospective customers with the added benefit of increasing employees mobility, keeping them connected to business no matter where they go.

For more information and live tweets from the event check out our company twitter page at https://twitter.com/agilismobile