With the option of a plan for 12, 18 and 24 months our standard AGILIS contract offers unlimited calls and texts; a data bundle of your choice from 4GB to 100 GB plus a host of dynamic features designed for the business mobile market, including international roaming.

Plan available from:


Unlimited Calls

Up to 100GB of data a month

Unlimited texts

Our AGILIS plan is an excellent starting point for any business as whatever your data requirements are, this plan can be tailored to you and adapted at any time.

For further details and information about how to get started with an AGILIS plan send us an email at or call us directly on 01732 401 601.

Frequently asked questions

Can I keep my previous number?

Yes, if it is unlocked. With AGILIS Mobile, there’s no need to update your business cards. It’s easy to port your existing number onto our network. Your existing network will be able to supply you with PAC ( Port Authorisation Code) which allows you to retain your mobile telephone number when switching networks. Your PAC code will be a unique number that is associated with your mobile telephone number. You will need to request this from your previous provider.

If you would prefer a new number, we can easily arrange that for you.

Can I use my existing handset?

Yes, if it is unlocked. You will be able to use your AGILIS SIM card in your device immediately, providing it is not locked to the previous network. If it is, it’s not a problem, you will just need to ask your old provider for a NUC ( Network Unlock Code) which will start the process of unlocking your device for your AGILIS SIM use.

What's the best plan for me?

At AGILIS Mobile we have a range of plans to suit any business. Whether you are looking for large data requirements or access to multiple UK networks, we can create a bespoke package for you.  With AGILIS Mobile you create your own plan.

What sizes are the AGILIS Mobile SIMS?

Our AGILIS SIM comes as a complete multi-sim card. Which will fit all phone formats (Micro, Nano and Standard). Just simply pop out the size you need.

* Where UK based mobile signal exists T’s&C’s apply.
** All references to taxation, VAT, and accounting principles are subject to confirmation from your professional advisers.


Looking for a bolt on that gives you access to multiple UK networks?

Our AGILIS Anywhere SIM may be a better option for you. An innovative bolt-on that ensures access to the strongest available network, AGILIS Anywhere is an excellent plan for business users who are always on the go.

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